Our Story

Penmerryl Farm was founded by Ken and Deanie Pittkin. When looking for a new place to call home, they came upon the farm. The expansive land, picturesque tudor-style house, and rolling paddocks captured their hearts. They transformed it into a charming lodge and cabins, offering travelers a slice of the farm’s simple beauty. Since then it has been many types of equestrian focused property. Ken and Deanie are ready to move to gentler pastures in their golden years and have decided to pass the adventure along.

Meet the Management

How We Began

Blair and Laura’s journey started in Asheville, NC, in 2016 when Laura moved there from Austin, TX. Both working at Eurosport Asheville, a BMW and KTM motorcycle shop, they bonded over their shared passions for motorcycles, dogs, and food. This friendship soon blossomed into a romance.

Upon learning of Ken and Deanie’s plans, Blair and Laura saw an opportunity to merge their love for motorcycles and the farm. They envisioned Penmerryl Farm becoming a motorcycle-friendly haven in the Shenandoah Valley, offering facilities for motorcycle camping and events, and a gathering place for industry friends. Simultaneously, they aimed to uphold the farm’s equestrian traditions, reigniting Laura’s lifelong passion for horses. The prospect of returning to her equestrian roots was a significant draw for her, having spent six years away from Penmerryl. Recognizing the natural synergy between the horse and motorcycle worlds, they decided to embrace both interests, creating a unique vacation destination. Although it was a tough decision leaving behind friends, family, and security in Asheville, they took the leap and arrived at Penmerryl in June 2019 to embark on this exciting new chapter.

Meet the Owners

Ken and Deanie Pittkin have had an extraordinary life journey filled with adventure and change. They originally met in St. John’s, Newfoundland, with Ken moving from London, England. Ken was in the midst of building a sailboat, and their meeting led to an 8-year expedition living on boats, exploring the world, and making lasting memories.

Their story continued with marriage and the purchase of a hotel in England. During this time, Ken developed a passion for horse riding. They eventually relocated to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where they continued sailing and introduced horses to their lives. A quest for a summer home brought them to Virginia, where they unexpectedly discovered Penmerryl Farm, a picturesque property that captured their hearts. Over the years, they transformed the farm into a beautiful destination for travelers. Now, after nearly 30 years, they are preparing for new adventures while continuing to call Penmerryl home.

Meet the Rest of the Team

penmerryl masseuse standing by table

Lydia Pittkin

Hometown: Greenville, VA

Birthday: Dec. 12th

A little about me: I’ve been a licensed massage therapist since 2014. Before being employed at the family farm, I spent time working at resort spas and a chiropractor’s office. I’m a fitness and nutrition enthusiast and CrossFit coach in Staunton, VA.

How I came to work at Penmerryl Farm: I came with family and live here on the property.

What I do in my spare time: I love biking and hiking the property with my rescue dogs.

Meet the Neighbors

Mini Donks

Hometown: Greenville, VA

Birthday: Feb 2nd & 9th

A little about us: Like our buddy, we love apples from the tree near the stables. We are basically pets now. Feel free to come see us, we enjoy the entertainment.

How I came to work at Penmerryl Farm: Our prior owner gave Deanie a sad story and asked if we could stay for a little while. Now Penmerryl is our forever home.

What We do in my spare time: We pretty much just hang out in the pasture near the big house.

Penmerryl’s Twist & Turn

Alias: Twist, Twister, Twisterman

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Alias: Needs an alias

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Furry Friends

Mashed Tater

Alias(es): Ty, Tater, Tater Ball, Rain Tickles, TayTor, whosagoodboy, goodestboy

Bio coming soon!

Charlotte Sugar Rae Harris

Alias(es): Chuck, ChuckChuck, Sugahwayyy, Little, LittleBit, baddog, shebeesabadog

Bio coming soon!


Alias: Max, Chonk

Bio coming soon!


Alias: Cheefuhs, CheefuhCheefuhs

Breed: Mutt / Rescue

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Alias: RosieRosie

Breed: Mutt / Rescue

Bio coming soon!


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