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Discover the beauty that is Penmerryl Farm

The Shenandoah Valley in Virginia is known for its picturesque landscape. The Blue Ridge Mountains stand as an elegant backdrop to rolling hills, large swaths of national forest, and numerous rivers, streams, and creeks that run through it all. It’s an area where once you leave the interstate, traffic becomes a memory and the backroads seem to wind on endlessly.

If you ever have the pleasure of cruising along those backroads, you will find that farms are not hard to come by. They are scattered from one edge of the valley to the other, tucked in amongst the small communities and historical downtowns which have also become part of the fabric of the area. And if your explorations take you down one particular backroad, you may drive past the sign for Penmerryl Farm. It is unlikely that anything about it will stand out to you as you pass by. From the road you will only glimpse another pretty piece of land nestled in a valley that doesn’t know how to show you anything else.

But if you stop… If you turn onto the long driveway and come to spend an hour, a night, a week, or whatever time you have to spare, perhaps you will join the many of us who see Penmerryl as something that’s just a little bit more. We aren’t concerned by how you get here, who you choose to come with, or what parts of Penmerryl or the valley itself have drawn you in. We are more interested in getting to be a part of whatever adventure you’re on, and seeing you off with some great memories of a place that we’ve found leaves a lasting impression.

Because to those of us who call Penmerryl home, and we hope to the many friends and family we’ve been lucky enough to share it with over the years, it’s not [just] another farm in the Shenandoah Valley. It’s the farm.

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